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The Ultimate Home Accessory… Leather tiles and Panels, Accent walls and Murals

Items built from top quality genuine leather are investments…

Leather tile installation -

We got the latest in leather decorative technology for

cabinets ~ doors ~ wall panels ~ floors ~ & other surfaces

CA showroomView of our showroom in Colombia – interior photo
Please Note: Ex factory price refers to the price  of goods at the factory. This does not include international shipping or taxes. Leather paneling is easily shipped in a roll

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E L I T E   C A B I N E T   R E F A C I N G   S U P P L I E S



Price: US $185 m2/ 10.76391ft²

  Cover multiple surfaces… 

These are leathers developed for special applications such as doors, panels, floors, cabinets, artifacts…

Leather Home Bar Furniture

Leather Home Bar Furniture

Leather Door detailKitchen cabinets

Puerta cueros arquitectonicos

Door refacing

White leather cabninetCabinet refacing

The final product is the combination of fine quality 100% genuine hides and superior industrial processing…


Multifunction containers

leather container espresso

leather container espresso

Leather container terracotta

Diamond cube leather wine rackDiamond cube leather wine rack

Single bottle leather wine rack/ leather utility tablesSingle bottle leather wine rack/ leather utility tables

Leather PlatesLeather Plates

Leather Plates

Check out more artifacts – click here


The Spaccato leather paneling (like great-grandma’s pie) is made from scratch…

Price : US $210 m2/ 10.76391ft²

Spaccato - The Hand-made Process

Cover multiple surfaces…

Leather is resistant to fire. That alone makes leather paneling a great material for kitchen cabinet refacing…

Cabinet frontDiy cabinet refacing… Leather will outlast common materials used for kitchen cabinets (Plywood, particleboard and MDF) many times over.

CUSTOM-MADE, HAND-MADE ‘SPACCATO’ PANELINGDoor refacing – No matter which technique is used, the leather takes on a remarkable character all its own.

Leather wall mural - weatheredCustom Blend Spaccato for multiple surfaces – Leather stands up to wear and tear. It’s resilient, strong and durable.

E L I T E   C A B I N E T   R E F A C I N G   S U P P L I E S

 2. LEATHER TILES for floor and walls

Price: US $170  m²/ 10.76391ft²

Leather Floor Tiles

LEATHER TILES: floors and walls

The floor tablets have very little or no elongation – heavily reinforced leather, 4mm in caliber, with high resistance to rubbing and scratching.

leather tile multicolored

Its characteristics make it a suitable material for covering areas exposed to medium to light pedestrian traffic. This floor covering isolates from extreme cold weather conditions and is fire retardant.

CA tilesOur leather tablets are made of bovine leather – Bufalo skins, ox, cow, – carefully treated and cured to highlight the intrinsic qualities of the material and to ensure a product of the highest quality

Leather area rug

You can also create area rugs and floor mats. Basically leather can be installed anywhere around the home or office…  leather walls, leather columns, leather stairs, leather panels, leather fireplaces… Besides floors, leather tablets can also be applied to many other surfaces except kitchens floors and around the shower area .

E L I T E   C A B I N E T   R E F A C I N G   S U P P L I E S

Leather Wall Tiles

wall / counter tiles

Leather wall tiles can cover multiple surfaces. Try a bright mix of tiles for a patchwork effect, or lay a more regular, repeating pattern…

Mural CA guerrero

Besides thermal insulation leather also provides acoustic insulation

Cueros arquitectónicos - Estudio en escarlataAdd warmth, value and visual harmony to any environment…


Colores Cueros ArquitectonicosSend us your color requirements. We’ll send you a color swatch for your approval. One advantage of the functional properties of leather is that it can produce an infinite variety of shades. You can choose any color for your leather paneling/ leather flooring,customized to fit your wants and needs… That alone outplays any new cabinet manufacturer’s offerings. Check out the PANTONE Color Chart – click here.

E L I T E   C A B I N E T   R E F A C I N G   S U P P L I E S

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